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Strawberries and Cream Ribbon Grass

A beautiful grass with brightly variegated leaves of green and cream streaked with pink.

Leaf Color: Green/Cream/Pink
Height: 36”

Zebra Rush

Segmented stalks with a horizontal green and white variegation.  Ideal for background.

Leaf Color: Green/White
Height: 48”

White Rush

Needle like foliage, white with pale green stripes.

Leaf Color: White/Green
Height: 48”

Pickerel Weed

Produces lovely purple flower spike.  Glossy, green heart-shaped leaves.  Continuous bloom Good cut flower.

Flower Color: Purple
Leaf Color: Green
Height: 30”

Varigated Water Celery

A colorful, low spreading plant typically planted in water gardens partially submerged at the margins. The colorful, serrated leaflets of the Variegated Water Celery pops with beautiful pink tips.

Leaf Color: Multicolor
Height: 8”

Common Rush

Stiff spines of green foliage.  Retains its color year-round. Grows in sun to part-shade.

Leaf Color: Green
Height: 36”

Varigated Cattail

Tall, grassy leaves.   Tall, variegated grassy leaves.  Good for accent or screening.

Flower Color: Brown catkin
Leaf Color: Green/White
Height: 72”

Dwarf Cattail

Very narrow foliage and small catkins. Perfect cattail for small pools.

Flower Color: Brown catkin
Leaf Color: Green
Height: 18”
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