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Momo Batan

Momo Botan is one of the best blooming lotuses. The rosy pink, double flowers resemble pink peonies. Leaves are about 12" and stand about 2' high. Flowers stay open later in the day and it has a long blooming season.

Size: 2 - 3'
Light Requirements: Full sun
Water Depth: 3 - 24" (Maximum water depth is for mature lotus

Maggie Belle Slocum

Maggie Bell Slocum has soft lavender-pink, single blooms of 8-12 in. Its seed capsule is yellow, then chartreuse then dark green. The huge lavender-pink flowers are truly splendid and have a delightful anise scent.

Light Requirements: Full shade/Partial sun
Bloom color: Pink

Rosey cloud

Luminescent layers of warm colors on this lovely, multi-petal lotus with stately shape. Delicate color saturates the tips of the petals while the sunny-yellow receptacle adds a bright touch on the Rosey Cloud Lotus. Medium-green foliage adds interest and makes a perfect complement to the Rosey Cloud Lotus.

Size: 2 - 4'
Water depth: shallow containers at least 14 - 24 inches wide or wider.
Color: Versicolor/Multi-Petal

Red Shanghai

Brilliant-red color on this outstadning lotus hybrid that simply 'pops'! One of the very best reds available! The brilliant-red petals on the Chinese Red Shanghai Lotus with yellow gold receptacles and anthers along with lush, green foliage--will blow you away!

Size: 9"
Light Requirements: Full Sun
Water Depth: 4 - 6"

Snow White

pure-white, layers of petals that surround the yellow receptacle on this angelic, double lotus flower. The dark-green foliage makes a nice complement next to the heavenly-white bloom. Beautiful in containers on a sunny deck, patio or balcony or layered in front of a taller specimen in your water garden.

Size: 1 - 2'
Water depth: shallow containers at least 14 - 20" wide or wider.
Color: White

Carolina Queen

Carolina Queen is a medium to large lotus with rosy-pink flowers. A beautiful lotus that grows 4 to 6 tall. Great for medium to large ponds.

Light Requirements: Full sun
Water depth: 3" - 4'.

Hardy Water Lotus

Mrs. Perry D. Slocum is a very fragrant lotus with large double blossoms that open deep pink, change to pink and yellow the second day and creamy yellow on the third day. Very free flowering producing several flowers at the same time. With its' large leaves (18-23 in.), this lotus makes a striking display when planted in a large container or planted near the shore in a natural pond

Size: 4 - 6'
Light Requirements: Full sun
Water depth: 3" - 48" (Maximum water depth is for mature lotus)

Giant Sunburst

One of the most beautiful yellow lotus available! Big, beautiful classic, single-petal flowers in shades of sunny-yellow on Perry's Giant Sunburst Lotus are spectacular! Bright-yellow receptacles and stamens add to the sunny delight of this big beauty! Flowers bloom above the elegant, dark-green foliage.

Size: 4 - 6'
Light Requirements: Full sun

Green maiden

Green Maiden is considered a dwarf variety. This changeable lotus has beautiful blossoms that open a soft pink and change to yellow by the third day. Good choice for containers or small to large water gardens.

Size: 1 - 3'
Light Requirements: Full sun
Water Depth: 3 - 20"(Maximum water depth is for mature lotus).
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